Our Commitment of Life, Love and Care

debandfriendLifeLine's adoption and rehabilitation program places hundreds of dogs and cats with families to call their own. We focus on animals that are most at risk in county shelters – dogs and cats needing individual care, medical treatment or behavioral training before they are ready for homes of their own. Without our intervention, every one of these deserving animals would become another euthanasia statistic.

At LifeLine's Dog House and Kitty Motel, these special dogs and cats receive all the comforts of home. Our dogs live in spacious indoor runs, paired together whenever possible to ensure proper socialization. Five outdoor playgrounds allow for plenty of group playtime. Our dedicated staff and volunteers make sure that all of our dogs also enjoy plenty of walks and one-on-one time. LifeLine's own in-house training program uses only positive reinforcement to help our dogs become the best companions ever.

kittymotel1Kitty Motel residents enjoy a cage-free environment filled with all the toys and climbing towers cats love. Our Kitty Motel features floor-to-ceiling vertical spaces for playing, hiding and of course, napping. Volunteers supply our cats and kittens with all the love and attention they could ever want.

Our experienced adoption counselors work to find the perfect match for every adopter and provide on-going support to ensure a lifelong relationship.

Working together, we save more lives. Our support of other groups and shelters enables us to place many at-risk animals with other no-kill groups. At the center of an expanding network of care, LifeLine's Dog House and Kitty Motel saves over 500 cats and dogs each year, fulfilling our commitment of life, love and care to each and every one of them.